Investment Management

We work with you as an individual or institution to develop a portfolio tailored to your needs.


What we do for you

The first step in the investment management process, whether you are an individual or an institution, is to understand your goals. To design an optimal portfolio we need to estimate how much money you will  withdraw over time. After all, you plan to use this money one day.

Risk tolerance is the next step in the process. Most wealth managers talk about risk tolerance in terms of gains and losses. We prefer to talk about risk tolerance in terms of withdrawing more or less, or sooner or later. That’s because day to day volatility shouldn’t directly impact you. What impacts you is whether you have the money you expect when you want to use it.

When we understand your goals and the certainty of your plans we design your portfolio.

After your funds are invested we continue to be by your side. We monitor your portfolio on a regular basis. We rebalance the portfolio as required. We provide you with quarterly reporting. We provide you with advice on an as-needed basis.

Please download this PDF to learn more about why our clients invest with us and to see our track record.

Mitigating recession risk without

giving up on potential gains

Have what you want


Managed accounts

A managed account is an account held in your name where ARM Financial can intiaite transactions in stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, options, and futures. The portfolio within a managed account is tailored spcifically to the client. Portfolios for all clients are designed to protect against losses while not limiting potential gains.


INDEX+ is our flagship investment product. Using leverage and Treasury bonds, it is designed to mitigate losses during a recession without limiting upside. INDEX+ is available in separately managed accounts and as a private fund (hedge fund).


ProLeverage is our trademarked process of being smart about leverage. Whether that’s using leverage to put future contributions to work today or using leverage to hedge specific risks, leverage is a powerful and proven tool.


The Opportunities Fund is a private fund available to ARM Financial clients. The fund invests directly in venture capital and commercial real estate.

Recent Years

The Numbers

Account returns for each separately managed account, denoted by a unique six letter identifier, are displayed individually. Showing each account’s performance, as opposed to an average, is a regulatory requirement. The graph of all accounts includes accounts that range from very conservative to very opportunistic.¬†Opportunistic accounts have all outperformed the S&P500 over the last five years. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Futures are not appropriate for all investors. Futures involve the risk of substantial loss.

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Meet Our Team

The ARM Financial team is constructed to give our clients opportunity and security. We bring together a unique set of individuals so we can supplement traditional index investing with unique opportunities.

Abraham R. McAllister

Abraham R. McAllister

Managing Member

J. Lodewyk Steyn

J. Lodewyk Steyn

Investment Committee